Ayurvedic Wellness

In pursuit of excellence in everything we do, we bring you wellness therapies based on 5000 years of Eastern Medicine and Beauty Rituals.

Our treatments utilize Organic Botanical Extracts to heal and rejuvenate. We provide a sanctuary from stress, a healing touch, a place to reconnect.

Shirodara Hot Oil Drip

A highly effective treatment from eastern India that calms and quiets the mind. A delicate and continuous stream of warm herbalized oil is poured onto the “Third Eye” of the forehead, creating an almost trance-like, pure state of relaxation. This is followed by a hand and foot massage and herbal facial treatment. (approximately 75 minutes)

Bindi Herbal Body Treatment

Pure Ayurdvedic herbs are used to exfoliate the body followed by an indulgent warm bindi oil applied to the entire boy. The body is then steamed, while a marma-point massage and mini facial treatment are performed. This treatment is deeply calming and a delight to all senses. (approximately 75 minutes)