Our Facials are personalized, deep cleansing, restorative treatments utilizing exceptional skincare products to promote beautiful and healthy skin. Whether you have normal, oily, acneic, dry, mature or blemished skin, you will benefit from our customized facial treatments.

*All treatments approximately 50 minutes unless otherwise noted.

Sanibel Day Spa Signature Facial – $115
This deep cleansing facial includes deep pore cleansing, steam, extractions, mask, toner, moisturizer, head, neck shoulder and foot massage. Signature addition of our exclusive Vitamin C and Brightening Mask for incredible results.
Personalized European Facial – $95
This facial is a 50 minute deep cleansing facial which includes deep pore cleansing, steam, extractions, mask (specific to your skin needs), neck, shoulder and facial massage and is finished with appropriate moisturizer.

Choose from a wide array of treatments that may be added to your facial for even enhanced benefit:

Enzyme Treatments add $30

Peel Treatment  $35 & up

Firming Peptide Mask $25

Specialty Masks and Eye Treatments add $25

Collagen Fiber Mask add $30

Peptide Serum or Ampoule add $15

Microcurrent Treatment $50

Brow/Lash Tint $25per

Treatment Masks $25

Treatment Serum $15

Eye Treatment $25

Jessner Peel add $75


Firming Peptide Facial – $140 Infuse your skin with a true blend of peptides, stem cells, vitamins and botanicals with this spectacular treatment facial that addresses the needs of mature skin that has begun to lose elasticity and vibrancy.

Hydra-Facial – $225 Hydra-facial is a hydradermabrasion facial combining cleansing, exfoliation, extraction,  hydration and antioxidant protection in a non-invasive process, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or down time.  The treatment is soothing, moisturizing, and non-irritating. It is designed to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and congested and enlarged pores, oily, or acne prone skin, hyperpigmentation, and brown spots.

Anti-Aging Facial – $140
Using the very latest in anti-aging properties, this facial will not only rejuvenate your skin but help prevent future damage.  Your esthetician will customize the treatment for your skins specific needs.

Rosacea Sensitive Facial – $115
Calms and soothes inflammation, reduces irritation and redness for sensitive skin or skin experiencing complications due to rosascea.

SWiCH Treatment Facial – $150 Restore skin to its youthful radiance with this scientifically proven treatment that revitalizes aged, photo-damaged or environmentally damaged skin.  Acid-based leave-on system helps enhance mitochondrial function to restore and repair skin from the inside out.

Clarifying Facial – $115 Sophisticated, hydrating treatment helps clear breakouts, reduce congestion, purify pores and control shine, bacteria and excess oil production while soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients ease discomfort from breakouts. Results are improved texture and appearance of skin, increased clarity and a radiant, healthy complexion.  Ideal for both adult and adolescent acne.

Photo Rejuvenation – $60 Revitalight Skincare System is a safe, but effective use of advanced light technology designed to help diminish the visible appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots on the face and neck by promoting collagen firmness.  (series recommended)

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment – $90
A deep cleansing, mask, extractions and moisturizer for the often neglected back.

Microdermabrasion Ultrapeel – $125
This treatment is performed with a jet of fine crystal, which is vacuumed across the skin. It is not painful and does not require pre-treatment or topical anesthesia. Micodermabrasion treats fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, acne scars, stretch marks

Photorejuvenation – $60
The Revitalight LED skin care system is a safe and effective use of intense LED photopulsation light technology designed to hep diminish the visible apprearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots on the face promoting collagen firmness. LED light succeeds by passing its light through the skin in order to increase blood flow and help promote collagen firmness. The skin naturally appears smoother, tighter and more radiant as the collagen becomes firmer.

Skin Care Trio – $200                                                      Microdermabrasion, Enzyme and Photo Rejuvenation.

Microdermabrasion – $125
For the face $125 Neck $50 Decollette $50

Dermablading – $70 (Planing)                                                         Non-traumatic skin rejuevnation removes outer most layers of dead skin cells and fine hairs leaving skin immediately smooth, supple and vibrant. Not available to clients taking blood thinners.

Microneedling – $200                                                                Minimally invasive skin-rejuvenation procedure involoving fine needles that puncture the skin creating controlled skin injury channels that trigger the body to fill these microscopic areas with new collagen and elastin.

Soothing Relief Treatment – $60 & up per area  This treatment is suitable for anyone suffering from sun burn, post chemical peel or irritation and redness.  (approx. 25 minutes)

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment – $95 A deep cleansing with steam and brushes, extractions, mask, massage and toner for an often neglected area.

Mini Facial – $50
A deep cleansing followed by a refreshing toner and appropriate moisturizer. Facial mask add $10 (approx. 25 minutes).