Sanibel Day Spa Bridal Services Contract

Congratulations!  What a wonderful time in your life.
The Sanibel Day Spa is honored and excited to host your bridal party. 

The following is our wedding services contract.  Why do we have a contract?  The answer is simple.  We have been hosting bridal parties for over 25 years on Sanibel Island and are the premier destination for bridal parties.  In those 25 + years we have learned what works and what doesn’t.  We feel like the bride’s focus on her day is her dress and her hair.  You had the experts help with the dress, now the experts will take care of your hair.

Please treat your contract with the seriousness that you have treated each and every contract you have signed thus far.

Once you have agreed and signed the agreement, we ask that you send the agreement on to each and every person in your wedding party. The reason we ask this is simple, you have so many details on your mind and in your wedding planner, you can’t possibly remember everything.  We certainly don’t want any surprises for you or anyone else in your party on your special day.  It is imperative that everyone in your party is aware of certain procedures and protocols to ensure that everyone achieves the look they desire and everyone has FUN!

Bridal Services Contract

A VISA or MC will be required in order to secure the wedding parties appointments.  We have a 48 hour cancellation or change policy for all appointments.  If an appointment is changed or missed after the cancellation period, the securing credit card will be charged the full price of the service missed/changed.
An 18% gratuity will be added to each final check upon check-out.  We accept cash, travelers checks, VISA or MC.  Personal checks are not accepted.
Each person in the bridal party is required to check in with the reception desk 15 minutes PRIOR to their scheduled start time.  Clients may not “trade” appointments with a friend.  We have certain stylists blocked off for varying amounts of time depending on the service.
All hair services prices are subject to change due to difficulty, length or thickness of hair, extensive curling iron work.  This policy is for the entire wedding party including flower girls and junior bridesmaids. The prices listed in our brochure and on the website are starting from prices.
Up do clients must arrive with hair clean and completely dry.  Remember to where a button down shirt so you don’t mess up your style while getting dressed.  Up do clients will not receive a shampoo blowdry.  If you would like a shampoo blowdry BEFORE your up do, this additional appointment must be made in advance and will incur additional cost.  (hair works better for up do’s if it is a “bit” dirty)
If you have pictures of the style that you would like, feel free to bring them with you. Pictures will greatly improve the communication with your stylist.
Clients are asked to not crowd the stylists/nail technicians as they work.  We have a waiting area that is in the salon so while waiting, clients will be able to see other members of the party getting their hair done.  We simply cannot block the walkways due to fire codes.
If you would like to bring any food, champagne etc…. you are free to do so.  Please inform our wedding coordinator prior to the date as we will provide a designated area for your parties food etc….  food is not permitted in the salon area.  The day spa does serve cappuccino, chai tea, butter cookies and trail/snack mix,  as well as filtered water, coffee and herbal teas.
All cell phones must be placed on vibrate and all phone calls must be taken outside.
We do not accept coupons or provide discounts on wedding party services (hair,nails or makeup). If you would like to schedule spa services prior to that day, (massage, facials, body treatment, reflexology …) we will gladly work with you to accommodate your budget.