Massage Services

Sessions approximately 50 minutes, unless otherwise noted. 

*Deep Tissue additional.

Enter into a world of pure bliss.

Using state of the art techniques that promote relaxation, relieve stress, and release energy throughout the entire body, the team of expert massage therapists at Sanibel Day Spa are prepared to provide guests with a world class Sanibel Island massage experience.


Take a break from the island life and explore Sanibel Day Spa’s signature massage treatments designed to renew your spirit and rejuvenate your body. Treat yourself and indulge in a custom Sanibel Island massage service tailored to soothe the body, mind and spirit.
As Sanibel Island’s massage headquarters, Sanibel Day Spa offers massage treatments tailored to bring balance back to your body. A carefully curated massage menu has been designed to meet any physical need your body may have. Choose from deep tissue to hot oil, aromatherapy to couples massages and beyond.
Sessions approximately 50 minutes, unless otherwise noted. *Deep Tissue additional.

Relaxing Massage

A relaxing Swedish massage consisting of traditional long strokes and kneading techniques.

80-Minute Relaxing Massage

Melt the stress and tension away and enjoy a relaxation-based Sanibel massage for a blissful 80 minutes.

Deep Tissue Massage

Highly recommended for muscle stiffness, soreness and pain. Your therapist uses slow, deep and precise movements to release tightness and tension.

80-Minute Deep Tissue Massage

Fall into a deep state of relaxation with our Sanibel Island Deep Tissue massage for 80 minutes.

Couples Massage

Deep Tissue add $15 per person
Nothing bonds two people together like a couples massage on Sanibel Island. Enjoy a relaxing massage together in our couples massage room. Deep Tissue additional $15 each. Approx 50 minutes.

Couples Retreat Massage

Deep Tissue add $25 per person
Extend your Sanibel Island couples massage experience. Enjoy a relaxing 80 minute massage together in our couples massage room. Deep Tissue additional $25 each.

Scentsational Hot Oil Massage

Deep Tissue add $15
This relaxing massage is performed with warm aroma blends massage oil which is highly therapeutic and a delight to the senses. Deep Tissue additional $15. Approx 50 minutes.

Bamboo Fusion Massage

80-Minute Bamboo Fusion Massage $175
Utilizing warmed sustainable bamboo sticks to provide a deep tissue massage.

Hot Stone Massage

80 Minutes $180
Warmed sustainable bamboo sticks provide deep tissue massage

Therapeutic Massage

80 - Minute Therapeutic $195
Feel the therapeutic effects of trigger point work, traction, and passive/active techniques with this massage, the most restorative and healing massage on Sanibel Island.

Massage with Cupping

Your Licensed Massage Therapist will use a cup-like device and pump to create a vacuum of negative pressure on the body which is thought to draw out deep toxins and metabolic waste from soft tissue. Benefits may include improvement in tight connective tissue/fascia, restrictions, circulation, joint function, breathing, athletic performance/recovery, and generally improves overall health and well-being. Base price begins at $105 PLUS Cupping- Back only add $40, Chest/Arms add $25, Chest/Abdomen add $35, Lower Leg/Feet add $35, Lower Glute/Leg add $40

Aroma Relaxing Massage

Masterful blends of pure, premium essentials oils are incorporated into a massage to provide an even deeper sense of rest and well-being. May be added to any massage session.

CBD Relaxing Massage

Add Deep Tissue additional $15
Add to any massage additional $30
This massage incorporates CBD Daily. CBD daily is a CBD-infused line that addresses a wide variety of pain and soreness, and is especially useful for sore muscles and cramping.

Pregnancy Relaxing Massage

Enjoy this therapeutic prenatal massage while resting on our specially designed body cushioning system. Client must be past first trimester. Approx 50 minutes.


This treatment includes a mini facial, mini massage and full body steam for a delightful unique experience. Deep tissue add $10. Approx 50 minutes.

Stress Eliminator

This treatment includes a mini facial, full body steam and 50 minute relaxing massage. Deep tissue add $15. Approx 80 minutes.


Jump start your body from top to bottom with a stimulating Sanibel Island full body massage and European facial, customized for your skin type. Approx 80 Minutes.

Mini Massage

A concentrated massage of the neck, back and shoulders. A wonderful service for a first massage, or if one carries tension mostly in the neck and back. Deep Tissue $10. Therapeutic Massage add $15. Approx 25 minutes.

Reiki Balance

Balance your chakras. Utilizing universal life energy, your practitioner’s hands will be used to promote relaxation, balance and overall well-being. Approx 50 minutes.

Relaxing Hot Stone Massage

80-Minute Relaxing Hot Stone Massage $170
Warm basalt river stones are incorporated in this relaxing massage providing deep soothing heat and complete relaxation. Approx 50 minutes.

Steam Therapy

Relax, Refresh and Revitalize! This ancient technique of healing and relaxation, utilizing aromatherapy oils and steam, increases lymphatic drainage, white blood cells count (to fight disease) circulation, mental clarity and muscle tone, while decreasing stress. Approx 25 minutes.


+ $10
Additional $10 to any 50-minute massage
Masterful blends of pure, premium essentials oils are incorporated into a massage to provide an even deeper sense of rest and well-being. May be added to any massage session.