Massage Therapy

Our unique massages will help to soothe the body, mind and spirit. We use state of the art techniques that promote relaxation, relieve stress, and release energy throughout the entire body.

 All massage sessions are approximately 50 minutes unless otherwise noted.

Relaxing Massage – $95
A relaxing massage of traditional long strokes and kneading techniques. This massage increases circulation, improves the skin and muscle tone and soothes the muscles.

80-minute Relaxing Massage – $145
Enjoy our Relaxing Massage for a blissful 80 minutes.

Deep Tissue Massage – $110
Highly recommended for muscle stiffness, soreness and pain. Your therapist uses slow, deep and precise movements to release tightness and tension. For best results, steam therapy is highly recommended prior to deep tissue session.

80-Minute Deep Tissue Massage – $170
Enjoy our Deep Tissue massage for 80 minutes.

AromaRelaxing Massage – $102
Our Relaxing Massage with the addition of specific essential oils to reduce stress.   Deep Tissue additional $15.

Couples Massage – $190
Enjoy a relaxing massage together in our couples massage room.  Deep Tissue additional $15 each

Couples Retreat Massage – $290
Enjoy a relaxing 80 minute massage together in our couples massage room.  Deep Tissue additional $25 each.

Scensational Hot Oil Massage – $105
This relaxing massage is performed with warm aromablends massage oil which is highly therapeutic and a delight to the senses.   Deep Tissue additional $15

Lymphatic Massage Full body $185 Lower Only $90 Upper Only $90
A gentle manual treatment techniques designed to manipulate lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels to increase activity and promote the flow of lymph. May require doctor’s permission and additional appointments.

Reiki Balance-$95

Utilizing universal life energy through the practitioners hands to promote relaxation, balance and overall well being.                                                                  

Relaxing Hot Stone Massage – $115
Warm basalt river stones are incorporated in the relaxing massage providing deep soothing heat and complete relaxation.

Bamboo Fusion Massage-$ 125 /50 minutes $175/80 minutes Utilizing warmed sustainable bamboo sticks to provide deep tissue massage.

Pregnancy Massage – $95
Enjoy this therapeutic relaxing massage on the comfort of our specifically designed body cushioning system. Client must be past first trimester.

Dynamic Duo – $145
Two therapists work in tandem offering a unique experience. While the esthetician performs a deep cleansing facial, a massage therapist soothes tense muscles.  Deep Tissue add $15

Stressbuster – $120  Deep Tissue add $10
While the body is steamed, a deep cleansing mini facial is performed followed by a relaxing mini massage.  Deep tissue additional $10

Stress Eliminator – $165  Deep Tissue add $15
Stressbuster with a 50 minute full body Relaxing Massage.   Deep Tissue additional $15.  approx 80 minutes

Mini Massage – $50
A concentrated massage of the neck, back and shoulders. A wonderful service for a first massage, or if one carries tension mostly in the neck and back.  approx 25 minutes.  Deep Tissue $10

Aromatherapy – additional $7
Masterful blends of pure, premium essentials oils are incorporated into the massage to provide an even deeper sense of rest and well being.  May be added to any massage session.

Steam Therapy – $30
Relax, Refresh and Revitalize! This ancient technique of healing and relaxation, utilizing aromatherapy oils and steam, increases lymphatic drainage, while bloocell count (to fight disease) circulation, mental clarity and muscle tone, while decreasing stress.  approx 25 minutes